Is Carpet Cleaning Safe for My Pets?

Awesome question! We know you are very concerned about your Pets! After all, Pets are part of the Family!

Pet safety is a top priority at Pioneer Professional Carpet Care! If done properly, Carpet Cleaning is not only safe for your Pets but also a potential health benefit. How so? First of all, who in the Family spends the most time laying on the Carpet? In most households, it usually is your Pets. Many Pets even have their own favorite spot or spots!

You may have noticed that Pet coats can leave behind a large amount of hair and oils. (Especially, in their favorite spot!) The oil attracts dirt and grime. In return, the dirt and grime can harbor all kinds of nasty germs! (bacteria, fungus, mold, etc.) 

Additionally, a Pet may have an 'accident' which can easily happen from time to time. If the area is not 'properly' Cleaned- residual Urine, Feces, and/or Vomit can quickly become home to all kinds of dangerous germs! (bacteria, fungus, mold, etc.) The area or areas can also have a terrible Odor issue!

By getting your Carpet 'properly' Cleaned, you are creating a safer, healthier indoor environment for You and Your Family. And again Pets are part of the Family!

What does it mean to get your Carpets 'Properly' Cleaned? 

At Pioneer Professional Carpet Care we follow the highest Industry Safety Standards to Clean your Carpet. We only use a very mild soap (Specifically designed to be completely Safe for People and Pets) to Clean your Carpets. Afterwards, your carpets are Rinsed, Extracted and Cleaned using Pressurized Steam. Not only  does this process 'sanitize' your Carpets, it ensures there is no 'harmful residue'. Just Safe, Fresh, Clean Carpet! (No crunchy Carpet!) 

At Pioneer Professional Carpet Care we Care about the health of our Customers and their Family! (People and Pets!)

Thank you for letting us be of Service!

Thank you for letting us help make your Home, Healthier and Safer for You and Your Family!





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