Should I Get My Carpets Cleaned in the Winter?

Over the years many people have asked us: Should I get my Carpets Cleaned in the Winter? Some reason that perhaps it's too cold or that the weather is not conducive to Carpet Cleaning.

Actually, the answer is quite simple: Winter is a great time to get your Carpets Cleaned! Especially, if you live in a northern climate. Why you ask? Winter here in Wisconsin can be pretty intimidating. With the cold weather usually most of us are running our furnaces and fireplaces. Under these frigid conditions usually our homes are quite dry when the heat is running. Dry air means much quicker evaporation which in turn means much faster drying and Great Carpet Cleaning Results! 

The more important question to ask yourself is: Should I get my Carpets Cleaned before the guests arrive at my home OR do I wait until the parties are over and clean everything up then?!


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