Bedbug Removal- Carpet Cleaning Aftercare

NO ONE wants to hear the dreaded words BEDBUGS! 

These tiny, horrible creatures can disrupt an entire household and make life miserable for everyone if they are not properly taken care of and completely eliminated from the home.

Bedbugs are parasitic insects that feed on blood. They usually prey on their victims when and where they sleep at night thus the name 'Bed' bugs. What makes them so insidious is that they are incredibly resilient. Bedbugs can live for up to a year without feeding. (So you can't starve them!) Bedbugs can live up to a 18 months without oxygen. (So you can't suffocate them!) These are the monsters of nightmares! Literally!

So how do you eradicate them?

Typically, a pesticide treatment is used. (Unfortunately, Bedbugs are becoming immune to more and more pesticides- Meaning more and more toxic chemicals need to be used.)

Another more recent treatment process has been developed over the past several years.

HEAT! The Kryptonite of  Bedbugs! Scientific Studies have shown that Bedbugs and their eggs die at prolonged exposure to temperatures over 125 degrees Fahrenheit.

Whether you chose Chemical or Heat treatment for your home to eliminate Bedbugs- Carpet Cleaning plays a vital role in your Bedbug treatment regimen!

Since we use pressurized Steam to Clean your Carpets- Steam Cleaning is the last step to hopefully help rid your home of dead Bedbugs and any remaining eggs. Additionally, if pesticides were used to eradicate the Bedbugs in your home. (After your Bedbug Expert has given the all clear) Carpet Cleaning is one of the best ways to remove harmful toxins and chemicals from your home environment.

So if you ever hear the dreaded word BEDBUG! Remember Pioneer Professional Carpet Care is there to help!

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