Salt Is Great on Food, Salt is NOT Great on Carpet!

Salt Is Great on Food, Salt is NOT Great on Carpet!

Salt melts dangerous ice so what can I do to protect my Carpets and Flooring from Winter and the damaging effects of Salt?

As life long residents of the Upper Midwest we know the difficulties Wisconsin Winter Weather presents. Slippery roads, slippery driveways, sidewalks and parking lots can be very hazardous. When subzero temperatures and snow strike together it makes the mess even worse. Many people opt for the Rock Salt as a solution to ice and snow. Why? It is relatively inexpensive and easy to find.

The problem many people don't realize is that Rock Salt is a CORROSIVE! Salt can corrode Metal, Concrete and CARPET!

Are there other dangers in using Rock Salt? Yes!

Rock Salt is an eye and skin irritant. It can be harmful to Pets and People!

Rock Salt dust can cause breathing difficulties for allergy and asthma sufferers.

These damaging effects of Rock Salt can be especially evident in Commercial Carpet settings. Especially where there is a lot of Customer foot traffic in and out of a building. Rock Salt can seriously affect the indoor air quality of both a Business and a Home.

How do you remove Salt from your Business or Home Carpet?

Hot water extraction is a proven method for removing Salt residue from Carpet. It is advised to Clean the problem areas as soon as possible after the use of Salt has been completed.

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Additional Notes:

Since Salt is water soluble (meaning Salt dissolves in water) as it melts the snow and ice it can soak down to the backing of the Carpet. Floor and Carpet Pad. As Carpet is cleaned it dries from the bottom up- drawing moister and other water solubles (Salt, dirt and other minerals) up along the Carpet Fiber. The process is known as 'Wicking.'  *See below.

If there is a significant amount of Salt trapped below the Carpet- The heavily saturated area may need to be cleaned several times to flush out the Salt residue.

If the problem area persists - it can become necessary to detach the Carpet and clean the underlying surface. If the problem area remains or if there is permenant discoloration it may indicate that the area has been permanently damaged by the corrosive Salt.



* Wicking is the result of soil trapped behind carpet backing, in carpet padding or subflooring that moves to the tips of carpet fibers as it dries. A carpet spot can be like a visible iceberg where as the great majority of the spot is still below the carpet itself .Wicking is the visible tip of the iceberg that indicates the stain is still present and persistent below.

Spring Cleaning is Right Around the Corner!

Spring Cleaning is Right Around the Corner!

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