How Often Should I Have My Carpets Cleaned?

How Often Should I Have My Carpets Cleaned?

How often should I have my Carpets Cleaned?

Right along the with the great questions of the Universe…

How often should we wash our clothes? How often should we wash our hair?… our car?… our dog, our cat?

Of course, there are greater questions in the Universe than these. However, the simple answer to most of these questions is that… it depends.

But depends on what?

… A variety of factors…

So…How often should you have your Carpets Cleaned?

…That depends. But let’s start by giving you the simple answer…

Most people have their carpets cleaned professionally one time per year….

Are you still with me?

OK! Awesome! Now let’s break down the ‘It depends’ part…

We would like to start with a few questions:

1. Have you recently purchased new carpet?

If so, it is very likely that your carpet is still under warranty. While every warranty is different, most require new carpet to be professionally cleaned at regular intervals to maintain the warranty. So if your warranty requires your carpet to be cleaned - We highly recommend checking your Carpet Warranty paperwork to make sure your carpet is cleaned within the required time frame. Otherwise, you risk voiding the Manufacturer’s Warranty!

2. Does someone in your family have allergies?

Most people don’t realize that carpet is one of the largest air-filters in your home. It is estimated that as humans we can shed up to 10 pounds of skin per year. Pet dander, people dander, dust, pollen, mold and more ‘yucky stuff’ settles in the fibers of our carpets. Vacuuming definitely helps! Additionally, since most carpet is made of plastic - most carpet is designed to be cleaned. By having your carpets cleaned with hot water extraction, it can be like resetting the air-filter in your home. We always tell our Customers, (Even in the cleanest of homes),”You would be shocked, amazed and appalled to see the water in our machine when we are done! It looks like a gray slurry of gunk!” With this in mind, many of our Customers with allergies have their carpets cleaned several times per year!

3. My carpet doesn’t look dirty so why get it cleaned?

Having your carpet professionally cleaned is part of the regular maintenance of your carpet. Let’s illustrate it this way. Would you wait until your car engine is making strange sounds before you get the oil changed? Of course not! By then the damage could be done! The problem with waiting for your carpet to look dirty before you clean it is that by the time it ‘appears’ dirty there can already be damage to the fibers starting to occur. By having your carpet cleaned at regular intervals you can extend the the appearance and the life of your carpet investment.

4. Do you have Pets?

Pets are part of the Family! They bring great happiness and companionship. They also can bring some special challenges when it comes to keeping your carpet clean. Does your Pet have oily fur? If so, do they leave a brownish spot on their favorite nap place? Do they frequently come in and out of the home? Do they have accidents from time to time? All of these variables affect the recommended frequency of carpet cleaning. Special consideration should be given to proper cleaning and sanitizing of pet urine, feces and vomit. If not cleaned properly, these areas can cause horrible odor problems and worse yet, harbor harmful biological health hazards. In most cases, we recommend that your carpet be cleaned more frequently if you have Pets in your home.

5. How many People and Pets reside in your home?

Another factor to consider in the frequency of carpet cleaning in your home is simple population. If you are a retired couple who travels frequently with no pets, you will have far less wear and tear on your carpet and home. In this scenario, professional carpet cleaning once per year is generally more than sufficient.

If you have 5 children, 3 dogs, 2 cats, a parrot, a turtle, a snake, a ferret, a hedgehog, 2 guinea pigs and a hamster - You are going to have a much greater challenge keeping a clean and healthy home and carpet!

As you can see, there are many factors that can affect the recommended cleaning interval of your carpet. For the sake of brevity we will stop with these five. However, as mentioned, most people choose to have their carpets cleaned professionally once per year. However, depending on your home, your carpet and your family that interval can vary.

If you need a recommendation specific to your family, home and carpet; We are happy to provide a FREE in Home Carpet Evaluation to help you with your plan for a happy, healthy home!

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Nominated As One of the Best Carpet Cleaning Companies!

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