Pet Spot & Odor Removal

Whoops! Accidents can happen!

We know how much you love your pets and are concerned about their safety! Even the best trained pets can occasionally have accidents! Urine, Feces and Vomit can leave odors and permanent stains. They can also damage your carpet and if improperly cleaned and sanitized can become dangerous to both you, your family and your pets. Within a short period of time areas with urine, feces and vomit begin to harbor mold, mildew and harmful bacteria.

In some cases normal carpet cleaning or light deodorizing can eliminate the odor. In more severe cases the pet urine can soak through the carpet and into the pad. It may even soak into the sub floor. It is very important that each level of the problem is addressed to successfully eliminate the odor. We even have a specialized tool that can pull pet urine from your carpet padding, without removing the carpet.

As pet spot experts, our specialized pet spot cleaning process will clean and sanitize these troublesome areas! Even better our process is completely safe for you and your pets! We are happy to come to your home for a FREE odor assessment and let you know EXACTLY how we can help you.

I cant find where the pet odor is coming from...

NO PROBLEM! We utilize industry leading tools to help pinpoint those troublesome pets spot. This allows us to inspect the effected areas and use proper cleaning process. No need for you to scratch and sniff...

How long should my pet stay off the carpet?

We recommend keeping our furry friends off the carpet until it has throughly dried. This will prevent the chances re-spotting and soiling from the pets paws.  We do not leave harmful chemical residue in the carpet! Once the carpet has dried, you and your pets can enjoy your fresh clean carpet together!